Connie Jordan, Las Vegas Life Coach, Shows How to Manage Your Goal-Setting Expectations Well

Are you busy setting new goals you hope will improve your life? Are you wondering what you can do better?

As the founder and CEO of Anchor Adversity, Connie Jordan of Las Vegas is an educational consultant and professional life and career coach. She develops programs tailored to individuals to help them achieve success in their professional careers and personal life. Below, Mrs. Jordan draws upon her wealth of experience and expertise to explain proper goal-setting and management techniques to ensure positive results.

Set Realistic Expectations

One thing to consider while setting new goals is to check your expectations. Many people are unrealistic in their expectations of the results they hope to achieve. They assume, for instance, that in a few weeks of doing gym workouts, they will have lost a significant amount of weight and feel great. Some do, but many don't. For many, finding that sweet spot of enhanced fitness requires a long journey.

Getting into a new fitness routine can take time. Most who return to the gym experience muscle soreness and may even face new injuries, which could lead to discouragement. To attain health requires staying at it for the long haul. Ask yourself: are you willing to work on your goals over the long haul?

Set Good Measurements

Most goals should be measurable. Unfortunately, many people set self-defeating measurements. They might make their goal to lose a certain number of inches or pounds, for instance. The problem with this is if they don't lose their target number, they end up discouraged. They might wonder whether they should be paying a gym membership if they don't see results. Quitting becomes enticing.

A more realistic measurement to set when joining a new gym is to record how many workouts are completed. Another goal might be to take note of progress, such as in lifting heavier weights or doing more reps.

Perhaps just making it to the gym twice a week is a better goal than trying to get there five days a week. Sometimes drinking more water and eating less sugar are more worthy goals to set. Focusing on better posture and greater flexibility could be better goals than quickly dropping pounds.

Goals Drive Behavior

Setting goals with the wrong expectations or faulty motives will rarely give you the results or fulfillment you seek. Since goals drive behavior, ensure your goals line up with who you are and that they have achievable measurements. The new goals you set will become part of your life so make sure they fit who you are as well as who you want to become.

When starting with your new goals, it is not the time to do a quick turnabout leaving all that is you behind while you pursue a new you. When you take on something new, something else will have to give, so ensure you can handle the shift.

Like a lightweight bridge crossed by a vehicle that's too heavy for it, taking on too much at once may crack your foundation. The proverbial bridge of your life may give out. Protect what you've built so far by setting goals that will be harmonious with your life and attainable.

About Connie Jordan:
With more than 15 years of experience in Phoenix and Las Vegas, Connie Jordan has worked on several valuable projects including the establishment of charter schools in Arizona and Nevada. Demonstrating excellent marketing strategies, she is also responsible for the establishment of new campuses and a heightened awareness of public charter schools as a “parent choice” option for educational excellence. Her expertise and commitment gained her recognition for building expansion and increased enrollment to over 1,000 students.


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